Friday, 10 March 2017

Secret ball game

Secret game

Then we listened to Mr Wong´s instructions.

Suspicious spies went in a circle .

Then Mr Wong chose   Charmaine .

To not past it to Joel.

Second round  Mr Wong picked  Joel .

When Joel started to pass the ball .

But Joel never past it to Sharon .

ecosystem by Sharon

Thursday, 9 March 2017

reading about cleaning around school

What’s the Big Idea?
WHO:Jimmy Thomas Cheryl Jan zen  and Alicia

WHAT: picking up rubbish  looking around the school for things like worm    food scarp

WHERE:  Royal road primary school    worm farm  Whitaker Range  vegetable garden
WHY:  pick up rubbish.   

WHEN: after lunch   at the garden  next to the worm farm

HOW: getting a bucket and picking up rubbish and looking around like the garden

Monday, 2 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey - Activity 2

today i have to tell you guys if i had a tour in new Zealand 3 rich place you will take .

first i  will  take them  to the sky tower  in New Zealand .

then  i will take them to the blue lake in Rotorua .

last at least going to Bridge of Remembrance in  Christchurch .

Summer Learning - Day 17 – Famous Sights

today i have to tell you guys why i chose this  countries . I pick Canada cause that the countries that i would love to lean   i pick cause it building was so cool  i think i will love take i photo of it .

Summer Learning Journey - Bonus Activity

today i have to tell you what we do on February the 6th  .
 I will go to the city or some were  special or  cool thing to do or swimming  or blogging or leaning other thing .