Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey - Packing List

For this activity I had to create a list of things that I would take to my country that I chose (Mexico). I have to put a star (*) on 5 things on the list that I think are most important.
  1. Phone*
  2. luggage *
  3. Sunblock*
  4. Passport*
  5. head phone
  6. Sun Hat*
  7. shoes &socks
  8. iPad
I think phone is most important because when your lost just call with the phone that why.
 I pick  luggage cause that were your  things  are in . 
I pick the sun hat because when it sunny i can put on the hat . 
I pick passport so they now you and what you look like and you birthday and your name and last .
I pick sunblock because so you can not get sun brunt .


  1. Hey Sharoon, good to see you keep on doing the Summer Learning Journey Activites. I the things you have listed to take to your choosen country are very good. Nice Job. Keep up the hard work!

  2. Hello Sharon
    Great list of the things you would bring to your country. A phone is defiantly important because you might need it in case of emergencies. Keep blogging!

  3. Bonjour Sharon,

    This is a really good packing list, well done! I thought you were going to Canada though? Or are you planning to have a wee detour through Mexico on the way there? :-)

    I like that you have given reasons for each of your important items, that was a really good idea. Thankfully you remembered to pack your passport, there's no way you'd get very far otherwise! If you are still planning on going to Canada, I think packing sunblock is very wise. Although it'll be very cold there, with all of the snow it's quite easy to get sunburn from the reflection off the snow on a sunny day - so definitely keep that in your bag.

    Can you think of anything else you might need in Canada? I see you've got shoes and socks, but no clothes packed yet... Might want to save a little room for those!