Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A basket ball had magical powers

A basketball had magical powers

Paragraphs 1
A basketball was flying in the sky. someone played with it then it flying .
A basketball was shot by the star ,and it was making the world cold in Christmas.
God make the ball fly up in the sky ,and when the basketball player won because at ball made that team won .    
Paragraphs 2
The basketball was do bad thing not moving .
Then the go player pick it up and it fly up
In the hop .
Then it was sitting in the house and when people went it fly in the sky and went to a little boy he was sad now happy .
This boy was walk with a basket ball and said look my ball is flying around and it went to a mall and there was lost ball and went and got the ball but the ball was in the next to that ball but he went with the ball .

Paragraphs 3
Basket ball was fly in the shop when the boy hold it .the boy had a basket boy and it was rolling fast in the house .
Basketball was in the shop and when the girl thrower it fly out of the shop and went to a next shop . i saw a basket ball running
The basket ball run and the boy said wow and went home and then the dad saw and run out of then car and went back home .

Paragraphs 4
I saw i ball flying in the shop . I follow it and it went to the movies .
The basketball was running down the road and it went to a baby and the baby was cut it and it beak  the ball.
Basket ball fall of the basket and the player went to put it back and it was flying and it went to the shop. were all, balls was and he said on no the ball is gone now i have to buy
It was hard for me but i can do it now . by Sharon 

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